EP123: Examining Neuroscience-Informed Perspectives on Depression and Practical Life Changes to Address Symptoms with Alex KorbApr 17, 2019 Listen
EP122: Social Class Bias - How Class Influences Our Practice and Profession with Jenn Cook Apr 13, 2019 Listen
EP121: Spiritual Bypass - Finding Ways Through Instead of Around with Craig CashwellMar 27, 2019 Listen
EP120: Trauma-Informed Care for Military Sexual Trauma - A conversation with Judith Lewis HermanMar 20, 2019 Listen
EP119: Therapeutic Letter Writing - Poetic and Collaborative Means to Documentation with David NylundMar 13, 2019 Listen
EP118: What is Personal is Most Universal - A Conversation on Self-Care with Dr. Gregory MoffattMar 08, 2019 Listen
EP117: Taking the NCMHCE - A Crash Course in (Nearly) All You Need to Know with Alyson CarrMar 01, 2019 Listen
EP116: Counselor Community Engagement - Generating Change Through Effective Outreach with Nicole Stargell and Matt GlowiakFeb 22, 2019 Listen
EP115: The Thrill of Being Alive - From Anxiety to Liberation with Fred Hanna and Alfredo PalaciosFeb 14, 2019 Listen
EP114: Reconsidering Chronic Pain - How Understanding the Neuroscience of Pain Can Transform Treatment with Howard SchubinerFeb 08, 2019 Listen
EP113: The Community Field Scan - Analyzing Communities for Resources and Support of Multicultural Education with Kimberly WarfieldJan 31, 2019 Listen
EP112: The Ways Paradigm (Part 2) - Ways of Understanding, Ways of Being, and Ways of Intervening with Paul Deal and Jesse FoxJan 23, 2019 Listen
EP111: The Way’s Paradigm (Part 1) - Religious/Spiritual Landscapes, Thick Engagement, and True Pluralism with Jesse Fox and Paul DealJan 16, 2019 Listen
EP110: The Psychology of Combat and (Lawful) Killing – A Conversation with West Point Professor Lt Col. Dave GrossmanJan 10, 2019 Listen
EP109: Non-Suicidal Self Injury - Definition, Ethics, and Creative Interventions with Victoria KressJan 03, 2019 Listen
EP108: Year End Reflection: Allison, Megan, Raissa, and Mike Reflect on 2018Nov 29, 2018 Listen
EP107: Microaggressions from the Couch: Addressing Client-Initiated Microaggressions in Session with Susan BrancoNov 23, 2018 Listen
EP106: Social Baseline Theory - The Primacy of Social Relationships in the Regulation of EmotionsNov 14, 2018 Listen
EP105: The Virtue of Humility - Research and Implications for Counseling with Everett Worthington and Martin TimoneyNov 07, 2018 Listen
EP104: The Dismissal of Divorce Advice - A Conversation with David L. Prucha, LPCOct 31, 2018 Listen
EP103: Poverty, Social Class, and Mental Health - Toward Knowledge and Awareness with Madeline ClarkOct 24, 2018 Listen
EP102: Entrepreneurship in Diverse Communities - Considerations for Socially Responsible Practice Building with Samara StoneOct 17, 2018 Listen
EP101: Opioids, Pain, and Counseling - A Conversation with Kevin Doyle on the Counselor’s Approach to an Ongoing CrisisOct 11, 2018 Listen
EP100: Presence and Authenticity - Taking off your clinical hat & being yourself with Guy MacPhersonOct 03, 2018 Listen
EP99: Counseling & Behavioral Medicine - Taking a Holistic Approach to Practice with Jori Berger-GreensteinSep 27, 2018 Listen
EP98: Existentialism and Counseling - Valuing Over Doing with Alfredo PalaciosSep 19, 2018 Listen
EP97: Sexual Healing after #MeToo - Conversations on What Counselors Need to KnowSep 12, 2018 Listen
EP96: The Internationalization of the Counseling Profession - Boundary Issues and Eurocentrism with Barbara HerlihySep 05, 2018 Listen
EP95 - An Interpersonal Neurobiological Approach to Sex Addiction: Understanding the Brain, Mind, and Relationships to Foster Hope and HealingAug 09, 2018 Listen
EP94: Spirituality, Ethics, and Church-Based Counseling - Navigating the Territory with Jane JoyceJul 11, 2018 Listen
EP93: Veteran Mental Health and Wellness - Meaning Making and Post-Traumatic Growth with Aaron SmithJul 04, 2018 Listen
EP92: The Grief Whisperer - Exploring Death and Dying with Thanatologist Dr. Mari DiasJun 27, 2018 Listen
EP91: Self-Care, Burnout, and the Way Forward - One Counselor’s Inspiring Story with Jessica SmithJun 20, 2018 Listen
EP90: The Transdiagnostic Sleep and Circadian Intervention (TranS-C) - Understanding the Bio-Psycho-Social Elements Influencing Sleep and Clinical Interventions for Fostering Sleep Behavior ChangeJun 13, 2018 Listen
EP89: All Things Documentation - A Conversation with QAPREP’s Maelisa HallJun 06, 2018 Listen
EP88: Yoga Calm - A Mind-Body Approach to Supporting Youth WellnessMay 30, 2018 Listen
EP87: Tattoos and Trauma - How the Body Tells the Story with Everett PainterMay 23, 2018 Listen
EP86: Religion, Shame, and Sexual Wellness - A Conversation with Dr. Tina Schermer SellersMay 16, 2018 Listen
EP85: CACREP - Part 2: Advocacy, Barriers, and the Road Ahead with Kelly Coker and Tyler KimbelMay 09, 2018 Listen
EP84: CACREP - Part 1: Origins, History, and Purpose with Kelly Coker and Tyler KimbelMay 03, 2018 Listen
EP83: The Difficult Dynamics of Domestic Violence - Effective Interventions with Perpetrators, Victims and Support Systems with David L. PruchaApr 26, 2018 Listen
EP82: Open Path Psychotherapy Collective - Affordable Counseling for All with Paul FugelsangApr 21, 2018 Listen
EP81: The Tech-Savvy Counselor - A Conversation with Therapy Tech’s Rob Reinhardt and Roy HugginsApr 10, 2018 Listen
EP80: Critical Counseling and Radical Wellness - A Conversation with Javier F. Casado PérezApr 04, 2018 Listen
EP79: Mood Follows Food - An Introduction to the Relationship between Nutrition and the Embodied Brain with Leslie KornMar 29, 2018 Listen
EP78: Homelessness and Housing Instability - A Primer for Counselors with Zach Bruns Mar 21, 2018 Listen
EP77: Finding Sexual Wellness after Pregnancy and Childbirth - A Talk with Sarah J. SwoffordMar 14, 2018 Listen
EP76: Advocacy at Augusta - A Conversation with Richard G. DeanerFeb 28, 2018 Listen
EP75: The Therapeutic Triad of Disability - Forgiveness, Self-Compassion, and Resilience with Susan Stuntzner and Angela MacDonald (Part 2)Feb 21, 2018 Listen
EP74: The Therapeutic Triad of Disability - Forgiveness, Self-Compassion, and Resilience with Susan Stuntzner and Angela MacDonald (Part 1)Feb 17, 2018 Listen
EP73: Beyond The Empty Chair - Exploring the Complexity of Gestalt Therapy with Jon FrewFeb 08, 2018 Listen
EP72: Spirituality and Religion in Counseling - Definitions, Competencies, and Spiritual Bypass with Craig CashwellFeb 01, 2018 Listen
EP71: Baby Hair - Children’s Socialization into Ethnocentric Monoculturalism with Priscilla Wilson Jan 24, 2018 Listen
EP70: Polyvagal Theory Applied - Moving from Fight or Flight to Social Engagement for Sustainable LivingJan 17, 2018 Listen
EP69: Respect in the Therapeutic Relationship and Process - A Conversation with Susanne Slay-WestbrookJan 11, 2018 Listen
EP68: Sexuality and the Wheel of Context - A Conversation with Sara NasserzadehJan 03, 2018 Listen
EP67: Reflecting on 2017 - A Collective Interview with the Thoughtful Counselor TeamDec 28, 2017 Listen
EP66: The Practitioner's Guide to Ethical Decision Making Turns 21 - A conversation with Dr. Holly Forester-MillerDec 08, 2017 Listen
EP65: Recast - Microaggression: Types, Dilemmas, and Best Practices for Counselors with Priscilla WilsonDec 01, 2017 Listen
EP64: Online Counseling and Telemental Health - A Conversation with Telehealth Certification Institute's Ray BarrettNov 24, 2017 Listen
EP63: Practical Neuroscience Applications for Understanding and Treating Addiction - A Conversation with Mark WoodfordNov 16, 2017 Listen
EP62: Catholic Spirituality, Intention, and Online Learning - A Conversation with Martin TimoneyNov 08, 2017 Listen
EP61: Counseling with Working Mothers - A Conversation with Margaret Lamar and Lisa ForbesNov 01, 2017 Listen
EP60: Building the Counseling Profession in Malawi - A Conversation with Dominic Actionman NsonaOct 25, 2017 Listen
EP59: Social Justice and Advocacy in Counseling - A Conversation with Jonnie Seay LaneOct 18, 2017 Listen
EP58: Gender, Sexuality, and Mental Health - A Conversation with Alex IantaffiOct 12, 2017 Listen
EP57: Utilizing Creative and Expressive Techniques to Give Grief a Voice - A Conversation with Brittany Pollard and Tiffany BrooksOct 04, 2017 Listen
EP56: Counseling Comes to China - The History of The Thoughtful Counselor Podcast (So Far) with Allison Kramer and Mike ShookSep 27, 2017 Listen
EP55: Unhushed with Dr. Karen Rayne - Talking to Kids and Teens about SexSep 22, 2017 Listen
EP54: Applying Principles of Neuroscience to Support Greater Safety and Co-Regulation in Long Term Committed Relationships - A Psycho-biological Approach to Couples TherapySep 13, 2017 Listen
EP53: Culture, Diversity, and Spirituality in Counseling - A Conversation with Amanda Giordano and Elizabeth ProsekSep 06, 2017 Listen
EP52: Integrated Care - Part 2: Models, Ethics, and Spirituality with Russ CurtisAug 30, 2017 Listen
EP51: Integrated Care - Part 1: Foundations, Effectiveness, and Predictions for the Future with Russ CurtisAug 23, 2017 Listen
EP50: Great Sex - Mapping Sexual Desire with Amelie ZurnAug 16, 2017 Listen
EP49: Conceptualizing the Mental Health Needs of Gifted & High-Ability Children and Teens - A Conversation with Emily Kircher-MorrisAug 10, 2017 Listen
EP48: Group Counseling in Private Practice - Advantages, Challenges, and Where to Start with Kevin DoyleAug 02, 2017 Listen
EP47: Rules Versus Relationships - How Ethical Codes Can Help Counselors CYA, Yet Neglect the Client with Pamela J. BirrellJul 26, 2017 Listen
EP46: Eco-Therapy - The Healing Potential of Nature in Counseling with Megan DelaneyJul 19, 2017 Listen
EP45: Neuroscience and Humanistic Counseling Values - A Critical Look at the Integration of Neuroscience in Counseling with Brett WilkinsonJul 12, 2017 Listen
EP44: Recast - The Quarter-Life Crisis: Taking Seriously the Needs of Millennials with Cyrus WilliamsJul 08, 2017 Listen
EP43: Recast - Stigma, Strengths, and Walking It Off: A Conversation on Counseling and Men with George HuJun 29, 2017 Listen
EP42: Recast - African American Mental Health, Spirituality, and the Black Church: A Conversation with Janeé R. AventJun 22, 2017 Listen
EP41: Recast - Pump Up the Jams: The Power of Music in Counseling with Courtney ArmstrongJun 15, 2017 Listen
EP40: Discovering Your Conscious Sexual Self with Melissa FritchleJun 10, 2017 Listen
EP39: Working with Anxiety in School-Aged Youth - Neuroplasticity, Optimizing Stress, and Emotional Freedom Techniques with Amy GaesserMay 31, 2017 Listen
EP38: From Sexual Attraction to Social Media - How Sharing Our Stories with Students Models Ethical Decision Making with Barbara J. HerlihyMay 25, 2017 Listen
EP37: Human Sex Trafficking in America - A Primer for Counselors with Stacey Diane A. LitamMay 17, 2017 Listen
EP36: Neuroscience-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (nCBT) - A New Framework for Client Conceptualization and Treatment Planning with Eric Beeson and Thom FieldMay 10, 2017 Listen
EP35: Recast - Strength-Based Counseling in a Symptom-Based World: A Conversation with Thomas HofmannMay 03, 2017 Listen
EP34: Grief and Loss in Addiction - Connecting the Dots and Practical Implications for Counseling with Julie Bates-MavesApr 26, 2017 Listen
EP33: So You Want to Start a Private Practice? A Conversation with Private Practice Workshop's John Clarke Apr 20, 2017 Listen
EP32: Bridges to Intimacy through Dance and Movement with Maryasha KatzApr 13, 2017 Listen
EP31: Multicultural Orientation - Cultural Humility and Responding to Cultural Opportunities in Counseling with Sidney Shaw Apr 05, 2017 Listen
EP30: A Little of That Human Touch - The Healing Language of Appropriate Touch in Counseling with Gregory K. MoffattMar 30, 2017 Listen
EP29: Spirituality and Religion in Counseling - Definitions, Competencies, and Spiritual Bypass with Craig CashwellMar 22, 2017 Listen
EP28: Trauma, Kintsugi, and Inspiration from the Masters - A Conversation with The Trauma Therapist Project’s Guy Macpherson Mar 15, 2017 Listen
EP27: Neurobiology of Developmental Trauma - Practical Applications for Counselors with Mary Vicario and Carol Hudgins-MitchellMar 08, 2017 Listen
EP26: Technology, HIPAA/HITECH, and Tele-mental Health - An Overview of Practical and Ethical Considerations with Tyler WilkinsonMar 01, 2017 Listen
EP25: The Perfect Storm - Exploring Ethical Adequacy Versus Ethical Excellence with Mitch HandelsmanFeb 22, 2017 Listen
EP24: A License to Fail - How Personal and Professional Failure Make You a Better Counselor with Alyson CarrFeb 15, 2017 Listen
EP23: What Makes a Counselor a Counselor? Professional Identity and Other Musings with Carl SheperisFeb 08, 2017 Listen
EP22: Microaggression - Types, Dilemmas, and Best Practices for Counselors with Priscilla WilsonFeb 02, 2017 Listen
EP21: Soil of the Soul - Teaching Ethics as the Study of Self with Sharon AndersonJan 26, 2017 Listen
EP20: Meeting The Needs of Syrian Refugees in Turkey - An Engaging Conversation with Mehmet A. KaramanJan 18, 2017 Listen
EP19: Suicide Prevention, Risk, and Assessment - Part 2: Assessment Tools, Interventions, and Documentation with Julia WhisenhuntJan 10, 2017 Listen
EP18: Suicide Prevention, Risk, and Assessment - Part 1: Risk Factors, Warning Signs, and Protective Factors with Julia WhisenhuntJan 04, 2017 Listen
EP17: Counseling Transracial Adoptees: Intersections of race, adoption, and identity with Susan Branco and Kelsi MacklinDec 28, 2016 Listen
EP16: "The Fragrance that the Violet Sheds on the Heel that has Crushed It:" Forgiveness as a Means to Transformation with Everett Worthington Dec 21, 2016 Listen
EP15: Neuroeducation: Using "Brain Talk" to Normalize Client Distress and Enhance Your Work with Raissa MillerDec 10, 2016 Listen
EP14: ACT, Psychological Flexibility, and Intellectual Obscurity: A Conversation with Steven C. HayesDec 07, 2016 Listen
EP13: More Than Just Playin' Around: The Ins and Outs (and Amazing Effectiveness!) of Play Therapy with Dee Ray Nov 30, 2016 Listen
EP12: Poetry, Dance, and Art, Oh My! The Power of Creativity in Counseling with Samuel GladdingNov 23, 2016 Listen
EP11: Counseling in the Wake of a Turbulent Election: Post-Election Stress, Values Conflicts, and Advocacy with Donna SheperisNov 17, 2016 Listen
EP10: African American Mental Health, Spirituality, and the Black Church: A Conversation with Janeé R. AventNov 09, 2016 Listen
EP9: Let's Talk About Sex: Sexual Health, Wellness, and Cultural Humility with Megan Speciale Oct 28, 2016 Listen
EP8: A Volcano in My Tummy: Working with Anger in Children and Adolescents with Warwick PudneyOct 21, 2016 Listen
EP7: Let's Hang Out! Or Maybe Not: Multiple Relationships Before and After Therapy with Allison KramerOct 19, 2016 Listen
EP6: Common Factors, Feedback, and How to Become a Better Therapist: A Conversation with Barry DuncanSep 30, 2016 Listen
EP5: Swimming Upstream in a Toxic Culture: Building Resilience in Girls with Laura Hensley ChoateSep 30, 2016 Listen
EP4: Stigma, Strengths, and Walking It Off: A Conversation on Counseling and Men with George HuSep 28, 2016 Listen
EP3: Strength-Based Counseling in a Symptom-Based World: A Conversation with Thomas HofmannSep 23, 2016 Listen
EP2: The Quarter-Life Crisis - Taking Seriously the Needs of Millennials with Cyrus Williams Sep 15, 2016 Listen
EP1: Pump Up the Jams: The Power of Music in Counseling with Courtney ArmstrongSep 09, 2016 Listen