0.12: Santa Barbara, The Mayor, & Nerf Herder

In this VERY SPECIAL EPISODE, we venture to Santa Barbara (aka Sunnydale) at the request of THE MAYOR (Helene Schneider, who is, as best we can tell, not evil *at all* but a totally lovely human, as well as a Buffy fan)! We chat with Helene -- and also Parry Gripp and Steve Sherlock of Nerf Herder (!!!) who of course you know WROTE AND PERFORMED the Buffy theme (eeeeeee) and brought us an unbelievable gift. This week, we're totally convinced that Santa Barbara is the real Sunnydale!
FIND NERF HERDER ON TWITTER: @NerfHerder_bandOur closing song this week is "The Chosen One" by Heather Stevenson. You can find it on her album Golden, available on iTunes and Spotify!
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