Ep.15: Westworld - 105 - Telegraph

There's one thing you can never question: Shat On TV's commitment to their listeners. This week's deluge of email nearly broke the system and Gene's sanity. However, the trio power through the endless 'maze' of theories, feedback, and analysis to deliver a one-time only, MEGA-SIZED episode of the Westworld Telegraph. Forget the tin foil hats, you'll need to wrap yourself up as a tin foil burrito in order to get through this entire episode. To read the full email theories visit:
http://shatontv.com/category/westworld-telegraph/ To see the email theories with photos visit:
http://shatontv.com/tag/photos/ If you are a fan of the Walking Dead, check out the Critically Dead Podcast with RJ & Rooster   Leave Us A Review

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