Ep.14: Westworld - 105 - Contrapasso

Contrapasso is proportionate punishment for sins, and Westworld Episode 5 hinted at all the ways our favorite characters are about to pay for their transgressions. From Maeve's growing abilities to Dr. Ford's growing hubris to El Lazo's growing rebellion in Pariah, Westworld is heating up to an explosive boil. Up for debate and discussion in this week's podcast: Are Dolores' hallucinations just new narratives being uploaded into her mind? Who is behind the Woodcutter's satellite uplink? Is Arnold a real person who created Dr. Ford, or the other way around? And is the maze just a call to arms for hosts ready to fight back? Like a corpse full of nitroglycerin, Westworld is about to blow up. Let's share a toast and watch the fireworks. Leave Us A Review

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