E:6 Keeping up with the Jones

You can listen here, or on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or any Android podcast app! Gerald and Christina return to the podcast to talk about finishing the Camino California, living with narcolepsy, shame, rewriting life’s narrative, relationships and finding one’s purpose. In one section, Gerald talks about having hallucinations as a symptom of his autoimmune condition.  I asked him about these later and he was gracious enough to respond to my questions.  The following is his description of a vision that was particularly divinely beautiful. “In an early [vision] I asked God to show me her face (as a creator of life, I associate the divine with the feminine). I was in my bed on the submarine at the time. Within moments I felt myself leave my body and up through the water column and air until I was in space being held firmly by each arm looking into the universe. I heard a voice say, ‘This is my face.’ I was turned around and saw the Earth behind me. The voice said ‘This is also my face’. I was then transported within an instant to a place where water and land met. I was held securely just above the surface […]

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