It’s not about the broccoli: Dr. Dina Rose

  Does your child eat any food under the long as it's cheese?  Do you find yourself worrying that you'll never get all the nutrients into her that she needs?  Dr. Dina Rose approaches eating from a sociologist's perspective, which is to say that It's Not About The Broccoli (which also happens to be the name of her book - so that's an affiliate link), it's about habits and relationships.  Join Dr. Rose as she counsels the parent who struggles with her almost four-year-old "highly spirited" son's eating habits.  There is hope for getting this child to eat something other than cheese, and Dr. Rose walks us through the steps to make it happen. Not to be missed even if your child isn't (currently) a picky eater: every worm will turn, as they say, and you may find these strategies helpful to head off any pickiness that starts to emerge in the future.  And listen up for Dr. Rose's offer of a free 30 minute coaching session for parents! And I will personally send a free copy of Dr. Rose's book to the first person who can identify the Monty Python reference in this episode... Rose, D. (2014). It's not about the broccoli. New York: Perigee. (Affiliate link) Rose, D. (2016). It's not about nutrition.  Retrieved from:  

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