Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 67: The Great MASTER Debate!

almost at the big 69! Dealing with the Rectum. Big Show’s Bus. The Big Guy and Joey Mercury. What’s the Sweet Spot? 3 hours is TOO LONG. Hanging with the ZIGMAN! Hello Kitty. Some Wrestling Figures Talk. What are you showing me Phoenix? All time best at 36? The Warrior Massage Gun returns? When was Phoenix Marie’s last date? Butts are bigger in 2017. Ask Dr. Phoenix. The Ryback is a non sexual figure on this show. Ryback tells a Daniel Bryan story. Mark 4 Life is BACK!  Screaming for attention. Ryback’s 3 plate Thanksgiving. Scientific Porn Study. The Great Porn Debate! Ryback is not a woman. Royal Rumble Talk. Total BIG GUYS. Ryback’s thoughts on if Hogan will ever wrestle again. You can’t SUE me! Trademark your shit! What’s ROH? All this and MUCH MORE!!!

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