Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 64: Big Daddy's Name-dropping Birthday Spectacular

The Big Guy Birthday Bash. Trading Ryback in for two 18 year olds? Who’s trying to steal Phoenix Marie away? Ryback, a beautiful blonde. Ryback’s drugged up promo. Ballgames and Drinking. I love lamp. Phoenix, the easy drunk? Name Dropping. Mean Girls. Chris Rock Loves Porn! Disgusting Billboards. Adderall and Tarzan. Phoenix F’s Tarzan? The Shit Talk Episode. The rules we have created throughout time. Ryback understands clothing. Ryback’s new roommate. An evolved Hugh Hefner. This show is NOT for kids. She has nice hair. What is Ryback’s master plan? Project Bluebook Talk. ALIENS! Let’s talk about Ric Flair. Did Ryback show his nipple? The Gradual Shift. Is Phoenix friends with Dana White? Two dudes making out in the sauna. Ryback’s 6 supplement goal. There’s nobody bigger than the Big Guy in prison. Ninja Turtle Abs. Sh*tting out Positives. Act and react. TWO AT ONE TIME??? Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega Talk! SINCE CARA? Questions, Reviews, Wrestling News, all this and MUCH MORE

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