TU:55 Feeling Empty?  Demoralization and the Fight Back to Caring Again.Feb 14, 2018 Listen
Tu54: The Stress Response System (Attachment) Across the LifespanJan 31, 2018 Listen
TU:53 Complex Trauma and Managing Dysregulation with Guest Robyn Gobbel Jan 17, 2018 Listen
Tu:52 Using Mindfulness, Movement and Yoga to Manage Arousal, with Guest Kelly InselmannJan 08, 2018 Listen
TU52.5: Bonus Episode: Meditation to Reduce Stress and WorryJan 08, 2018 Listen
TU 51: Conquer Shame by Understanding the Science Behind the Feeling, with Guest Expert, Dr. Steve Finn Dec 15, 2017 Listen
TU 50:  The Psychology of an Entrepreneur -Surprising Insights with Guest Krisztina ‘Z’ HollyDec 07, 2017 Listen
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TU 47: Attachment Insecurity and Secure Parenting with Guest Tina Payne-Bryson Oct 30, 2017 Listen
TU 46: Redefining Infidelity: Guest Esther Perel on Love and Desire in Modern RelationshipsOct 24, 2017 Listen
TU 45: Music, Emotion and Therapy: Interview with Bob Schneider, Austin Music LegendOct 18, 2017 Listen
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TU 43: Sexual Vitality: Six Principles of Sexual Health with Doug-Braun Harvey (Part 2 of 2)Sep 26, 2017 Listen
TU 42: Sexual Vitality, Refreshing our Understanding of Sexual Health with Doug-Braun Harvey (Part 1 of 2)Sep 19, 2017 Listen
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TU 37: Organizing The Disorganized: Understanding The Elusive Attachment CategoryJul 18, 2017 Listen
TU 36: The Neuroscience Of Psychotherapy: An Interview With Louis CozolinoJul 10, 2017 Listen
TU35: Sexuality From A Neurobiological PerspectiveJun 29, 2017 Listen
TU 34: Treating Attachment Disruptions in Adults With David ElliottJun 21, 2017 Listen
TU 33: Adverse Childhood Experiences: A Roadmap To Understanding And TreatmentJun 16, 2017 Listen
TU 32: Mentalizing:Breaking Down A Critical Component For Secure Relating With Tina AdkinsMay 24, 2017 Listen
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TU 26: Live Conversation With Austin In Connection About Interpersonal NeurobiologyApr 03, 2017 Listen
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