41: MCAT Logistics if You Have to Travel to Take Your Test

Session 41 If you're interested in learning how to best prepare for your medical school interview, text PREORDER to 44222 and I will send you the information on how you can preorder my Amazon bestselling book, The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Interview. Learn how you can get $100 worth of free stuff from me including a month of our medical school mock interview platform and access to our video course all about the medical school interview if you preorder the book before June 6, 2017 (when the book releases). Hopefully, you registered for the MCAT early enough that you got a seat and you don’t have to travel. But if you do have to travel because there were no longer seats available except for a couple of states over, here are a few things you need to know to best come prepared for the MCAT test day. [02:20] The Extreme Case: In Case You Need to Fly The raw physical movement associated with test day may sound silly but this can really impact your performance. Let's say you have to fly somewhere to take your MCAT. (Oh and by the way, in the last exam for the old MCAT, people had to fly to Guam to take it.) But even a two or three-hour regional flight can knock you for a loop. Any time you sleep somewhere new like a hotel room which is not where you're used to, you're not going to sleep as well as you do at home. You're not really going to get that really good, regenerative, Stage 3 deep sleep and REM sleep, not as much as you're used to anyway. If you can, don't fly the night before but try to fly an extra day or even an extra two days before test day so that you are in the same place for two or three days in a row. This is going to get real expensive but since you're already putting yourself in extreme circumstances, you might as well do it in a way that's going to give yourself the least penalty possible. But what's more expensive, an extra night at a hotel or retaking the MCAT because you slept so poorly the night before? You spend an extra few hundred dollars to retake the MCAT plus another three months of your life restudying for it. [05:06] The Average Case You don't want to be doing extensive traveling the morning of test day. If it takes you 30 minutes to 1 hour the most to get there, that's reasonable. But there are stories of people getting up at four in the morning to drive four hours to the MCAT. This is not a good scene and you don't want to be doing this. Instead, drive the night before and stay in a hotel. [05:40] What to Do the Day Before Bryan recommends that you go visit the testing location the day before the MCAT. A lot of students laugh at this but this can actually make a huge life or death difference. Bryan further says that you find the building, find the suite where the prometric center is. Make sure where you're going to park or how you're going to get there so you can avoid any problems that may arise. There isn't going to be a problem 97% of the time, but what if you're in that 3%? It can really be a life-altering precaution so this is just like putting your seatbelt on. As simple as not being able to find your testing center could literally screw up your test day if you're not able to figure that out the day before. So find the building the day before and make sure you know exactly where you're going. [07:15] Open Your Email from AAMC Someone posted in the MSHQ Facebook Hangout Group that they received an email from AAMC.  They didn't think about it and didn't open it until a couple of days later only to find out that the AAMC changed their test center. The AAMC may give you at least a couple of weeks notice and the other location may not be something radical but this is something to be aware of. In any email you get that's from the AAMC, please open it. [08:15] How to Get There If you're lucky enough to be close to your testing location to walk, then walk as it's a good way to get your brain pumping and blood moving that morning. In most locations, try to avoid mass transit unless you're in an area where there is very good mass transit and it's better than you driving. [08:45] Final Thoughts Hopefully, you don't have to travel for your MCAT test day. That means you have registered early. But if you made a mistake or had to reschedule the last minute and you need to travel somewhere to take the MCAT, please take all the advice we've shared here. Lastly, check out Next Step Test Prep and everything they have to offer to help you on your MCAT journey. Next Step offers one-on-one tutoring as well as their brand new MCAT course, over 100 hours of videos, five live office hours per week, and access to all of their books, MCAT practice exams, and all AAMC practice materials. Better quality, less price. Check it out and use the promo code MCATPOD to save some money. Links: Next Step Test Prep (Use the promo code MCATPOD to save some money from their offerings.) AAMC The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Interview (Text PREORDER to 44222 to get the information on how you can preorder the book.) MSHQ Facebook Hangout Group

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