22: Physics Passage on the MCAT - Breaking it Down

Session 22 In this episode, Ryan and Bryan are going in-depth as they are now going to start breaking down MCAT questions and go through them to figure out how to get to the right answer. Today, they're looking into the Physics Passage I handout. Question: Which of the following waves would have a wavelength larger than any standard electrospun fiber? Key Strategies: Go back to the passage and start skimming through to look for some information about wavelengths rather than doing a whole big analysis of the passage. If this were a science classroom, you would want to jump into starting to do calculations and pull out your outside knowledge about the electromagnetic spectrum and wavelengths and you'd probably treat this as a unit conversion problem. Then you start to do a whole bunch of math. Remember that MCAT is a reading and reasoning test that just happens to be about science rather than the other way around. Read the question again and notice that the answer choice has to be the wave with the longest or largest wavelength because if a particular answer choice is larger than an electrospun fiber, there can't be any other answer choices that are also larger than an electrospun fiber. Read the question carefully rather than obsessing over doing a whole bunch of math. Of course, the MCAT is going to expect you to know your physics and electromagnetic spectrum and know that microwaves have the longest or largest wavelength. If you do your reasoning correctly and you have a good, solid grasp of your outside knowledge, you don't have to do nearly as much calculation or heavy duty analysis that you think you may need to. Do the process of elimination. Links and Other Resources: www.mededmedia.com Next Step Test Prep (Use the promo code MCATPOD and get some discount off their materials upon checkout) www.medicalschoolhq.net/group Click Here to Subscribe

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