16: Do I Need to Take Sociology To Do Well on the MCAT?

Session 16 In today's episode, Ryan and Bryan talk about whether Sociology is something that you have to take to prepare for the MCAT. They also talk about the importance of understanding the nuances and subtleties of certain terms used in Sociology to help you get the questions right. Here are the highlights of the conversation between Ryan and Bryan: Should you take a Sociology course to prepare for the MCAT? You don't have to take it as a college course because good MCAT prep would involve reviewing Sociology. You just can't rely being an adult in society and expect make good decisions on MCAT multiple choice questions. Distinguishing Prejudice, Discrimination, and Stereotype MCAT demands that you know the technical definitions of these and not just the college-educated adult definitions of them. Bryan has seen many students who have gotten this wrong early in their practice exams because they didn't realize the very precise distinction between prejudice, discrimination, and stereotype. Discrimination - a behavior Stereotype - cognitive (it's an idea or belief) Prejudice - a feeling These are simple definitions that will let you get the questions right on the MCAT but this might not be a subtlety that people are aware of. MCAT has lots of these subtle distinctions between technical terms used in Sociology or Psychology (for example: the difference between I and me) Major takeaways from this episode: Either take it in school or self-study Sociology with good MCAT prep materials. Don't treat Sociology as a brushoff or common sense project since you have to know all these technical terms for the MCAT. Links and Other Resources: The Premed Years Podcast The MCAT Podcast Session 9: What Prereqs Do I Have to Have to Take the MCAT? www.mededmedia.com Next Step Test Prep

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