13: What MCAT Prep Books Should I Buy?

Session 13 Books, books, everywhere there's books! Overwhelming, isn't it? Today, Ryan and Bryan will help you with where you need to start, the right kinds of books you need to have to study for the MCAT, and what features you need to look for when evaluating a particular book. Here are the highlights of the conversation between Ryan and Bryan: Buy-another-book-itis: A disease where you think your score is not going u as much as you want so you buy another book. Then you amass this enormous library of books as if this translates into a good MCAT score. What you actually need to do: Just buy one high quality set of books from a reputable MCAT company. You have a lot of choices for MCAT books. A few simple guidelines to keep in mind: Only buy books from companies that actually work with real live human beings. These companies include all the big national companies, Next Step, The Berkeley Review, Kaplan, Princeton, etc. There's a certain institutional knowledge that comes from working with real MCAT students translating into much better books. Don't buy the Barron's book. Stick with only one set of books. Don't go nuts buying a billion different sets of books. Next Step books are great but you could pick up a set of books from other companies. Really learn the books you have. You could get tempted to read through them very quickly and superficially and expect to get high scores and if you don't you buy more books. Instead, go back and re-read the books you've already got. Read them more thoroughly and more carefully than you ever had to any textbook that you ever would have bought for a class. Think of your MCAT books as a musical score than a textbook. You have to master it. And that's how well you have to know your MCAT books. What features to look for when evaluating a book: Look at the practice that comes with the book (passages, questions, online resources, etc.) In the end, success on the MCAT is all about practice, practice, practice. Links and Other Resources: www.mededmedia.com Next Step Test Prep Use the Promo Code: MCATPOD and save some money all your MCAT prep materials.

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