9 : What Prereqs Do I Have to Have to take the MCAT?

Session 9 In today's episode, Ryan and Bryan talk about the prerequisite "coursework" you have to take to prepare for the MCAT. How much weight should you put into the MCAT side of things? Or can you just skip a couple of classes and take a test before finishing these classes? Here are the highlights of the conversation between Ryan and Bryan: How much weight should you put into the MCAT side of things? Do what the medical school is telling you to do. If they tell you to do xyz to apply to their school then you have to do xyz. Do you have to take the coursework before the MCAT? AAMC - a year each of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology and a semester each of Psychology, Sociology, and Biochemistry. Bryan's recommendations: A year of biology is almost certainly not going to be enough. Biology is the most tested topic on the MCAT (in all three science sections). It's recommended to do the first year of biology but before you take the MCAT, try to get an upper or upper middle level course on Cell Biology and a mid or upper level course in something like Molecular Genetics. Taking a couple of upper level courses of Biology that operate at levels of Cell, Molecular, etc., is going to be tremendously valuable for the MCAT. Is a semester of Psychology enough? Bryan recommends you take a whole year of it. Psychology is the second most tested science (in terms of countable number of questions). It's best to take a full year of Freshman psychology (Psych 101 and Psych 102). Places where you can cut corners: 2nd semester of Organic Chemistry and the 2nd semester of Physics are not as valuable. There are not so many O. Chem and Physics questions on the MCAT. Although they have value for your grades. they have almost no value for the MCAT, So focusing on these two won't pay as big dividends as Biology and Psychology. Is there the option to self-study? Yes. You shouldn't do that with more than one semester's worth of content. Otherwise, trying to teach multiple semesters worth of material while also prepping for the MCAT is highly, highly difficult. Bryan has never seen a student do this successfully in his 15 years of experience. Links and Other Resources: www.mededmedia.com Next Step Test Prep

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