6: I Keep Running Out of Time on the MCAT

Session 6 In today's episode, Ryan and Bryan talk about how to manage your time on the MCAT considering that running out of time is one of the most common problems, if not the most common problem, students have when taking the MCAT. Is the MCAT designed for you to not finish it? Why do students run out of time on the MCAT? Is there actually a way for you to finish on time? All these and more on today’s session. Here are the highlights of the conversation between Ryan and Bryan: Is MCAT written so you can't finish in time? No. The goal of MCAT is to reward students who use good time management and have good strategic ways of thinking about things AAMC is not trying to trick or punish you but reward the savvy test takers and those who know what they're doing. Running out of time: A symptom, not a disease If you're using the right approach, you won't be running out of time anymore. Running out of time is the symptom, how do you now diagnose this so you can stop running out of time? Reading speed: Is this the issue? The average reading speed for a college educated adult is 200-400 words a minute. It's almost never the raw reading speed that's the issue, but the technique. Speed reading courses do not teach you how to take the MCAT You only need to read 200-300 words a minute to succeed on the MCAT (within the range of a college educated adult) Time, money, and speed reading course are not what you need. The real problem is the analysis. However, if you're really struggling with this, a reading technique course might be helpful. Speed reading apps on iPhone: Accelerator Flash Reader Links and Other Resources: www.mededmedia.com Next Step Test Prep Use the Coupon Code: MCATPOD to get discounts on any of their courses offered. Accelerator Flash Reader

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