EP5 | Anthony Green & Beau Burchell | SAOSIN

Anthony Green and Beau (Number 2) Burchell are some of my oldest friends. I used to live on Saosin's living room floor back in 2005. I've been around through all the ups and downs of the band so this was really special to get in a room with these dudes and just talk about the past. We played a festival together in Belgium and after a long, rainy, mud filled day we got to sit down (at around 12am) and chat for quite a while. We talk about the story of the band, how they found Anthony, what the writing process of their infamous first EP "Translating The Name" was like, how both of them got into music as kids. They talk about getting back into the van again after ten years and playing reunion shows together. You get to hear them speak on what it was like when Anthony abruptly quit the band before a massive tour. This is the very FIRST time they talk about the situation together in the same room. If you're an old school fan or a new comer to SAOSIN's music you will absolutely enjoy every minute of this podcast. Not to mention Anthony is one of the funniest, most eclectic dudes I've ever met. Strap in and hold on for a fun, lengthy, rollercoaster ride of a podcast. Oh, and make sure to keep spreading the word!!! In fact, you all have some homework to do. I want everyone to text one of your friends right now and tell them to download this episode or else you're friendship is null and void. Love you all, thank you for your support! Beau

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