Halloween Havoc '98

Eric and Conrad travel back twenty years to WCW Halloween Havoc '98! From the opening match between Chris Jericho and Raven, to the WCW World Title main event between Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page, they leave no stone unturned! What did Eric think of the beginning of Raven's "spoiled rich kid" angle? Disco Inferno in TWO matches on the card?! Who did Lodi replace in his match with Perry Saturn? What was with the Steiner Bros. calamity? And what about the infamous Hogan-Warrior rematch? Is it still just as bad after all this time? Plus, DDP-Goldberg getting cut short, and how much money Eric thinks that cost WCW. All this plus talk about Hall vs. Nash, Sting vs. Bret Hart, Fit Finlay, Billy Kidman, Buff Bagwell, Wrath, Juventud Guerrera, and so much more!   Support us on Patreon for even more content from Eric & Conrad for just $9! Patreon.com/83Weeks   See Bruce & Eric in a Monday Night War Debate and Eric take on the author of the Death of WCW Book, plus 20 other live events starting at just $4.99 at fite.tv/starrcast   Buy a shirt and get a call from Eric: www.EricBischoff.com   Find tons of new merch at BoxOfGimmicks.com    Catch us in Baltimore on 11/3 - EricAndConrad.com   Join us on Nashville on 11/4 - 83WeeksLive.com   Interact with Eric live - twitch.tv/83weeks   Ask a question about next week's show on Twitter: @83weeks   Get your first shipment of Blue Chew FREE, just pay $5 shipping when you use promo code 83 Weeks at bluechew.com   Stop throwing your money on rent! Get into a house with NO MONEY DOWN and roughly the same monthly payment at HideFromRent.com

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