Randy Savage's 1995

OHHHHHH YEAAAAAAH! Eric believes Hogan and Savage were almost interchageable as THE top star in the business. So it's no wonder he wanted the "Macho Man" in WCW. Find out when he was "sold" on Savage once he was in power, who introduced the two, the details of how his deal was put together, where Slim Jim fit in, what concerns existed based on the Hogan-Savage relationship, why he was debuted the way he was, comparing the Hogan debut to his, how he got along with Sting, why he worked the early opponents he did, when Eric heard "the rumor" about Savage, what Savage told Eric, the four star match with Flair on PPV, the craziest thing you've ever heard about Steve Austin in WCW, why Savage never pinned Hogan clean, how Savage was at home, when and how Lanny was signed, why Angelo was booked in '95, who put Flair in drag, his relationship with Liz, and of course the very interesting finish to World World War 3 in '95 when Savage won the title for the first time. SNAP INTO IT!   Support us on Patreon for even more content from Eric & Conrad for just $9! Patreon.com/83Weeks   Pre-Order STARRCAST before 8/10 to see Bruce & Eric in a Monday Night War Debate and to see Eric take on the author of the Death of WCW Book, plus 20 other live events for just $99 and you get a $20 FITE credit! fite.tv/starrcast   Buy a shirt and get a call from Eric: www.EricBischoff.com   Find tons of new merch at BoxOfGimmicks.com    Catch us in Baltimore on 11/3 - EricAndConrad.com   Join us on Nashville on 11/4 - 83WeeksLive.com   Interact with Eric live - twitch.tv/83weeks   Vote for what to hear next on Twitter: @83weeks   Get a FREE two month trial, including Summerslam, at WWENetwork.com/83weeks   Get a box of Omax3 Ultra-Pure, FOR FREE with your first purchase at OMAX.com/83weeks   The book Eric put over so hard on this episode is WCWNitroBook.com   Stop throwing your money on rent! Get into a house with NO MONEY DOWN and roughly the same monthly payment at HideFromRent.com   Oh and don't drink and drive!

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