Hog Wild 1996

A motorcycle rally in tiny town in South Dakota with no building and oh yeah you can’t sell tickets—perfect spot for a PPV, right? Eric Bischoff thought so, but why? Head the story of how Hog Wild came to be and what the “end game” for the show really was for Turner. Get “into the weeds” about the business side of WCW in a way that’s never been discussed before! Plus the guys tackle the “rumor and innuendo” about the Harlem Heat at this event, why the name was changed, who was supposed to be in Beefcake’s spot, Heenan drinking before shows, who dressed Tony Schiavone, and what may have been “off” about Hulk Hogan that night.     Support us on Patreon for even more content from Eric & Conrad for just $9! Patreon.com/83Weeks   Buy a shirt and get a call from Eric: www.EricBischoff.com   Find tons of new merch at BoxOfGimmicks.com    Vote for what to hear next on Twitter: @83weeks   Owning a Brand New House is fast and easy at BrandNewHouse.com

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