Chris Jericho in WCW

Eric Bischoff breaks down when, where, and how he met Jericho and brought him into WCW. Conrad takes him to task for the negotiation process that Jericho detailed in his book, the debut that Terry Taylor buried, the baby face kiss of death in August 96, a crazy tidbit about Jericho's contract and who missed it, what title Jericho despised, Jericho considering a jump well before his contract was up, what changed for Jericho creatively, who was responsible for the heel turn, the incredible Malenko feud, unmasking Juvy, the Goldberg situation in great detail, who had Goldberg's ear, the secret meeting with Vince, whether or not Jericho in the nWo was discussed, what Eric offered Chris to stay, and so much more that just can't make the list! That's right, over three hours of Jericho! Drink it in, maaaaaaan! Subscribe to our YouTube: Ask Eric questions LIVE on Twitch at Ask questions for the Dusty Rhodes episode on Twitter: @83weeks Like us on Facebook: Buy a shirt and get a call from Eric: Find tons of new merch at  Own a home for less than your current rent:

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