Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

Segment  1. GSW reminds me of the Lakers from the 80's except they are more hungry. The Lakers were worn out after beating the Pistons in 1988 and the Celtics in 1987. Don't get that sense from GSW; the grind doesn't seem to get to the Warriors.  What is the OKC comparison? People will say Orlando, but OKC is its own thing. 
Segment 2. NBA Draft  Lottery tonight, where will Tre Young go? Have seen him as high as 5th no lower than 8th. SCOUTS will allow states other than Nevada to bet on sports; Marc Cuban says it will double the value of teams will double, will owners like Clay Bennett be more likely to sell? OKC has only the 53rd pick in this year's draft. 
Segment 3.  Adam Silver threatened by a man who wants to play in the NBA.  Goodbye Fred Katz we knew ye well. 

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