Stock Up!

Segment  1.    Thunder stock up, buy now 
                        Feeding off Corey Brewer 
                        Corey on why he fits so 
                         seamlessly. Melo on 
                          the late push for 
Segment 2.  The bench is still an issue, but Terrence Ferguson is 
                      showing signs of what he can become.  
                      Ferguson Audio: 
                      on his reverse alley-oop layup. 
                       Corey Brewer on Ferguson 
                        comparisons to him.    
Segment 3.  Russ five straight triple-doubles, 
                      late MVP push.  Can't take him for 
                      granted. Steven Adams taking 
                      shot to the jewels,  Adams and 
                       Jerami Grant, are the heart & grit.

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