Segment  1.     Audio from Russ on the OKC Big 3 
                         What the lasting impressions of that 
                          Big 3 are, what was their impact. The Presti 
                          magic touch. Could you have picked Harden 
                           over Westbrook.  What would that have 
                           looked like. 
Segment 2.  Audio From Paul George on How to 
                     deal with Houston defensively. The Numbers 
                     are staggering. So watch OKC win tonight. 
                     Rockets just 1-4 in last five trips to OKC 
                       Including a 112-107 loss to OKC on Christmas 
                        All Thunder need to do is win in playoffs 
                       963 Three's made this year no other team 
                       has made more than 816. 
Segment 3.  Mike D'antoni has done everything but 
                     a championship never made it to a Finals 
                     Billy Donovan Audio.  Tip of the cap to 
                     Kevin Love for his article  in the athletic on 
                     Mental health. 

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