Return Of The King with Maurice Peebles

James and Lawrence start off the new season by giving themselves, as well as Jay and Chuck, resolutions to consider in 2018. Then they have a chat with Senior Deputy Editor at Bleacher Report, Maurice Peebles. They talk about his humble beginnings growing up in South Jersey and writing about Philly sports, how interesting it was being one of the first (and at the time, only African-American) hires at Barstool Sports, investing in Bryptoburrency, and other cool things too. Then in Captain's Log, Lawrence and James give Producer Jay and Intern Chuck a stellar review of the "Failing Upwards Holiday Clip Show Extravaganza". Welcome to Season Four you scumbags. (Yo I'm gonna keep it G with y'all real quick, this is Producer Jay writing the summary. The guys usually shoot me an email or text on what the title and description is gonna be for all the episodes, but I guess they forgot. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing lol. Definitely give this episode a listen though, Maurice was an awesome guest. I'm glad we started off the new season with a banger. Well... fuck. I don't know what else to write.... FAIL GANG IN THIS BITCH, YEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.)

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