Episode 106: Haunted Homicide: Chapter 2: The Amityville Horror House and Ron DeFeo

A house with a dark history is purchased by a young couple in 1975.  They soon begin experiencing unexplained and terrifying events inside the home.  Was it a result of their imaginations run wild? A hoax? Or the after effects of a horrific multiple homicide committed there?  #Amityville #AmityvilleHorror #DeFeoMurders #RonaldDeFeo  112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York - photographed on the night of the DeFeo family murders.  Resources:  Audio Clip from documentary My Amityville Horror (2013) directed by Eric Walter.  Click here to rent or purchase.   Sponsors:   BetterHelp - The Online Therapy Company: www.BetterHelp.com/ONCE for your first week free. Swap.com - The World's Largest Online Consignment and Thrift Store - www.swap.com and use promo code ONCE to get 35% off of select items with your first order.  Le Mystere: www.lemystere.com/gift to get a free Le Mystery cosmetic bag with your purchase.  Use the promo code ONCE at checkout.  RSVP for our upcoming meetup on Saturday, October 13th! https://www.facebook.com/events/1127381910720337/  

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