#42: Special Episode—Hogan Takes YOUR Phone Calls (Round 2)

Hogan takes to the phones, answering questions and sharing insights with several callers. Why? Because this podcast is an ongoing conversation about pursuing your retirement dreams.   0:23—WELCOME   1:06—WAKE-UP CALL #1 Robert, a young man in his mid-30s, is on Baby Step 6. He has a question for Hogan about his R:IQ. He also wants to retire early, even though the government won’t allow him to take distributions from his 401(k) until he turns 59 ½.   6:12—WAKE-UP CALL #2 Donavan is on Baby Step 4 and is trying to invest 15% of his income as suggested. He wants to know whether he should downsize or refinance his home.   12:20—WAKE-UP CALL #3 At age 33, Luke is on Baby Steps 4–6. He has a question about Roth IRAs.     16:18—DO YOU HAVE INVESTING QUESTIONS? Go to chrishogan360.com/INVEST.   16:48—WIN A TRIP TO BOSTON AND VIP EXPERIENCE   18:03—EVENT ATTENDEE QUESTION A woman asks a question about her husband’s negative mentality around retirement due to a family death.   20:48—WAKE-UP CALL #4 Joe has a question about his daughter’s college fund. He and his wife are working with their daughter in seeking out scholarships and in-state options.   26:02—WAKE-UP CALL #5 At ages 30 and 29 respectively, Ryan and his wife are on Baby Step 7. Ryan wants to know how he and his wife can retire early.   31:22—RALLY CRY WRAP UP Know your future number now. Get your R:IQ. Share your questions with Hogan! Email him at podcast@chrishogan360.com or leave a voicemail at 844.283.9383.

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