#36: How To Clean Up Your Past

This episode addresses the often-asked question about cleaning up the financial clutter from your past. Hogan tells his listeners the steps to recover from money mistakes. Also featured in this episode are a Story Spotlight, Wake Up Calls, and a new Millionaire Moment.   0:24—WELCOME   1:33—HOW TO CLEAN UP YOUR PAST Everyone needs a will (@6:41). Check out uslegalforms.com Get term life insurance (@7:45). See zanderinsurance.com Use the best budgeting tool on the planet (12:46). Try everydollar.com Budget what money is coming in (13:20). Budget what money is going out (13:45). Budget your essentials first (14:08). Pay off any debt you owe using the debt snowball method (15:16).   21:46—STORY SPOTLIGHT: MARATHON Marathon runner Ron applied his training principals to investing. Now Ron and his wife Colleen have a net worth of over $2 million. See more of their story on The Dave Ramsey Show YouTube Channel: Millionaire - Ron and Coleen   29:46—WAKE UP CALLS A caller asks about increasing contributions to speed up retirement (@29:59). A caller asks about resources for his disabled mother since his father has passed away (@34:23). Share your questions with Hogan! Email podcast@chrishogan360.com or call (844) 283-9383.   38:35—MILLIONAIRE MOMENT Meet Jean, a self-made millionaire whose net worth has reached over $2 million.   41:56—RALLY CRY WRAP UP This was the first of a two-part series. Next up is Episode #37: “How to Enjoy Your Future.” For a deeper dive, come see Hogan at a Smart Money Do you know your Retire Inspired Quotient? Discover your number: Your R:IQ.

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