#34: Understand Yourself, Improve Your Marriage (with Dr. Les Parrott) - Part 2

In the second episode of a two-part series, Hogan shares more insights from the DISC personality assessment as it relates to your relationship with your significant other. Hogan also concludes his conversation with Dr. Les Parrott, marriage and relationship expert, about how getting in sync with your spouse. Also featured in this episode are the segments Hear from the People and Millionaire Moment.   0:24—WELCOME   1:48—UNDERSTANDING YOUR PERSONALITY (PT 2) Hogan applies the DISC personality assessment to relationships and money: Listen to what your spouse says and how they say it. Deliver your thoughts in a way your spouse can best receive the information. Identify your common goals. Find common ground on how to reach those goals. Keep communicating, even when you hit roadblocks.   17:18—GET YOUR OWN DISC: DISC Assessment Test_Tool   18:33— GET IN SYNC WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER - WITH DR. LES PARROTT (PT 2) Hogan concludes his conversation with Dr. Parrott about getting in sync with your spouse. More help from Dr. Parrott: Deep Love Assessment_Tool   31:51—HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE Email your questions at podcast@chrishogan360.com or leave a voicemail at (844) 283-9383 A woman asks a mortgage question regarding selling versus foreclosure (@32:42). A man wants to retire from the military soon and wants advice on priorities (@35:43).   40:55—MILLIONAIRE MOMENT Meet Tamara, self-made millionaire whose net worth has reached $1.5 million. Your journey to reach millionaire status starts here!   44:11—RALLY CRY WRAP UP If you missed Part 1 of the conversation with Dr. Les Parrott, download Episode 33 of the Retire Inspired podcast. Have you done your R:IQ? The Retire Inspired Quotient is a free planning tool: Your R:IQ

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