#29: How To Get Unstuck & Focus Forward

The podcast is a year old and we’re just getting started! This episode features Hogan’s 6-Point-Plan so you can get un-stuck and start moving forward. To celebrate the podcast’s anniversary, this episode includes a special segment, “Voices of our Community.” Also featured in this episode are The Takeaway (Financial Farming), and Wake Up Calls.   0:29—ANNIVERSARY WELCOME AND CHALLENGE   0:59—VOICES OF OUR COMMUNITY Many of our VIPs at a recent conference wanted to share their retirement dreams and give personal messages to Hogan about the podcast.   5:48—FROM STUCK TO MOVING FORWARD The Incredible Hulk versus quicksand (@6:00) How to break out of a rut (@9:06) http://www.reliableplant.com/Read/9406/break-out-rut A time when Hogan got stuck: His son’s diagnosis of Hunter Syndrome (@12:23) Hogan’s 6-Point-Plan for Getting “Un-Stuck” (@15:39) Write down what gets you stuck (@15:44) Be accountable to someone (@16:18) Focus on one future dream and post it in your home (@16:55) Add something new to your retirement dream (@18:46) Read a motivational book that will inspire you (@19:24) Suggestions: The Go-Getter (Peter B. Kyne); Rhinocerous Success (Scott Alexander) Find a physical, positive place to dream again (@20:54)   22:44—LISTEN UP VIPS Remember to share the podcast and subscribe! Your friends and family can find the podcast on chrishogan360.com or the following mobile apps: Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay, or Stitcher. Email us the financial jargon you want Professor Hogan to define. We would also love for you to email us halftime speeches and retirement poems you want Hogan to read. Send them to podcast@chrishogan360.com.   24:38—THE TAKEAWAY: FINANCIAL FARMING Even though he grew up in Kentucky, Hogan was never a farmer, but he was around it a lot. His takeaway for financial farming: Start planning now Wait on the harvest / let it grow Don’t just plant once   31:31 —WAKE UP CALLS A female calls in and wants to know how to inspire people who are facing large amounts of debt or illness (@31:47) A self-made millionaire calls in. With a net worth of over 2 million dollars, he will be able to retire by 55 (@37:42) Do you want to be a self-made millionaire? You need a plan! (41:47) Click here for help.   42:33—RALLY CRY WRAP UP Hogan wants to invite you to be a part of his rapidly growing online community. Go on Facebook and search: Hogan’s Retirement Challenge and sign up to join. Have you done your R:IQ? The Retire Inspired Quotient is a free online retirement calculator. Go to https://www.chrishogan360.com/riq/.

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