#27: Hogan's Secret For Success

What’s the secret to progress? Hogan wants to share his formula with you. He calls it his progress theorem. And he has a challenge for you on applying it to your goals. Also featured in this episode: Coach Hogan’s Halftime Speeches; Hear From the People; The Takeaway: Building Instructions; and The Millionaire Moment.   0:29—WELCOME   1:20—HOGAN’S SECRET FOR PROGRESS   The basement (@4:24) Your body follows your head (@8:05) The Progress Theorem (@11:37) P = G + E – Ex / T x W PROGRESS = GOALS + EFFORT – EXCUSES/TIME x WHY Progress Application Challenge (@18:23)   20:46—LISTEN UP VIPS   At daveramsey.com, we are giving away $20,000 throughout the month of May. You can enter your name each day to try to win your share! In less than a year, we have officially passed the two-million downloads mark! We thank you VIPs! Share the podcast and tell your friends and family to subscribe at the App Store, GooglePlay, or Stitcher. We want your feedback. Give us your ideas on subjects that would make great deep-dive content for you! Email us at podcast@chrishogan360.com.   23:01—COACH HOGAN HALFTIME SPEECHES   Hogan has collected more speeches written by listeners who need a little encouragement to keep going. Straight from the locker room, Coach Hogan offers a couple of halftime speeches: For Michael and Sonya (@24:27) For Jevonnah (@26:30)   28:27 —HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE   A listener shares about truth bombs and binge listening (@29:02) A listener has a question about investing in light of his wife’s medical situation (@29:59)   32:07 —THE TAKEAWAY: BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS   To build wealth: Know what you want to build. Talk to people with knowledge and experience building wealth. Stay involved throughout the process. Take care of what you have built. Enjoy what you have built.   41:34—THE MILLIONAIRE MOMENT   Hogan shares the story of David and Leah, a self-made millionaire couple whose net worth is over $2.2 million. They share their opinions about how best to invest: don’t be impulsive, leave the investments alone, and watch them grow.   44:37—CALL TO ACTION   Hogan wants to invite you to be a part of our rapidly growing online community. Go on Facebook and search Hogan’s Retirement Challenge. Help your circle of influence by telling them about the Retire Inspired Quotient tool (R:IQ) at chrishogan360.com. While they’re online, they can click on Dream Team to find investing help from our SmartVestor Pros.

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