#21:You Don't Have To Be A Rookie

You can avoid making rookie mistakes! Chris Hogan shares several ways you can on your road to retirement. He also introduces a new segment called the Millionaire Moment, in which he talks with everyday millionaires about the steps they took to reach this milestone. Also in this episode, you’ll get exclusive backstage access to one of Hogan’s Retire Inspired events as Hogan and a SmartVestor Pro answer questions from the audience. Other features include The Takeaway and the Hear from the People segment.   0:28—WELCOME   1:43—YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A ROOKIE   Hogan discusses common rookie mistakes and how to avoid them:    Thinking too small Not believing what’s possible Wandering around Getting lost and staying lost Not grabbing low-hanging fruit Not getting started Fostering a victim mentality Having no map   18:31 — LISTEN UP VIPs   For a special event discount, go to chrishogan360.com and choose Retire Inspired Event. Use the code HOGANPODCAST at checkout for $10 off. Don’t forget our musical anthem gift: A MILLION STRONG (VIP ANTHEM). Send us your retirement dreams and wins, your halftime speeches, and your retirement poems for Hogan to read. We want to hear from you! Send us an email today: podcast@chrishogan360.com   20:08 —EXCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE ACCESS   Listen in on the VIP backstage experience, the Q&A session, at one of the Retired Inspired live events. Hogan and a SmartVestor Pro answer questions on investing and retirement:   Hogan answers a question about paying off a mortgage (@20:32). A SmartVestor Pro answers a question about finding the right advisor (@22:15). Hogan answers a question about refinancing a home (@25:53).   29:15 —HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE   Hogan reads and answers two emails:   A listener wants information about investing going forward. A listener asks a question about the R:IQ tool.   34:25 —THE TAKEAWAY   39:17 —THE MILLIONAIRE MOMENT   This new segment focuses on the mindset and mentality of self-made millionaires. In this episode, Hogan shares a conversation with Paul, from TN, whose net worth tops $1.3 million.   41:46 —RALLY CRY WRAP UP   42:21—CALL TO ACTION   Go to chrishogan360.com to discover your R:IQ. While you’re on the website, click “Dream Team.” There, you can connect with a SmartVestor Pro for investing help and ELPs for insurance, tax services, and real estate assistance.   Email us your retirement dreams or wins, your halftime speeches, and your Retire Inspired Send them to podcast@chrishogan360.com. You can also write a review of the Retire Inspired Podcast on iTunes and subscribe to future episodes.

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