#19: Other Key Investments - You and Your Relationships (guest Dr. Meg Meeker)

Hogan believes financial investing (Baby Step 4) is crucial to your retirement dreams. But what about other key investments you must make? As a bonus, Hogan talks to guest Dr. Meg Meeker about the relationships you should invest in. Hogan also does a deep dive and challenges you to invest in yourself so you can become the best version of you possible. The episode also features The Takeaway and responses to listener emails.   0:32—WELCOME   1:37—ARE YOU A LISTENER OR A SUBSCRIBER?   Hogan wants to talk to you about some benefits of subscribing to the Retire Inspired podcast.   4:09—CONVERSATION WITH DR. MEG MEEKER   Hogan sits down with his friend and fellow author/speaker/podcaster Dr. Meg Meeker to discuss the importance of investing in your future relationships.   23:08—INVEST IN YOURSELF
   Hogan challenges you to invest in yourself as you invest money toward your future retirement dreams. He offers multiple tips on how to invest in your personal life:
 Start the day off right.
Redirect your time so that none of it is wasted.
Get organized.
Make “Wanna-Do” and “Gonna-Do” lists.
Be a money boss.
Defend your sanity. Schedule free time for yourself.
Set goals but think of them as promises.
Do things that make you smile.
Be true to yourself.
Build your confidence.
Network outside your bubble.
Decide to be happier than ever before.   33:30—LISTEN UP VIPs   Join Hogan’s next retirement challenge. Text RETIRE to 77948 to sign up.

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We want to hear from you! Send us an email today: podcast@chrishogan360.com   35:10—HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE   Hogan reads and answers two emails:

A listener talks about saving ahead.
A listener asks a question about real estate.   41:39—THE TAKEAWAY: OUR ELP PROGRAM   Hogan breaks down the dream team  in the ELP (endorsed local provider) program on his website. You can find people in your area who specialize in insurance, taxes, and real estate.

Hogan gives a 3-point-takeaway about reaching out to ELPs:
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