#18: Overcoming And Avoiding Mistakes

This episode focuses on avoiding future money mistakes by addressing four things you must know about retirement. As a bonus, Hogan gives you a step-by-step process for overcoming past mistakes. Also in this episode, you’ll gain exclusive access into the VIP Backstage Experience at one of the Retired Inspired live events. You’ll hear Hogan and a SmartVestor Pro answer questions from the crowd—the same kind of questions you might have. Other features include Hogan’s Takeaway and the Hear from the People segment, during which Hogan responds to emails about self-made millionaires, goals, and your R:IQ.   0:00—WELCOME   1:58—FOUR THINGS ABOUT RETIREMENT TO AVOID FUTURE MISTAKES If you can avoid future money mistakes, regret can’t creep in:

Know your retirement dream. This is your starting point, so give it deep thought. Know your R:IQ. How much will you need to live your dream retirement? Go to chrishogan360.com/riq to find out. Know your next steps. From budgeting to getting out of debt and beyond, follow the Baby Steps (outlined in Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired book). Know where to go for help. Get with a professional who can answer your retirement and investing questions. Go to Hogan’s website at chrishogan360.com/dreamteam.   17:48—LISTEN UP, VIPS Hogan has some special announcements. We want to hear from you! Send us an email today at podcast@chrishogan360.com.   18:53—EXCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE ACCESS Listen to highlights from the VIP Backstage experience at one of the Retired Inspired live events. Hogan and a SmartVestor Pro answer questions on investing and retirement. Hogan answers a question about when to start investing to reach $1 million net worth (@19:29).
A SmartVestor Pro answers a question about 401(k)s (@21:47).
Hogan answers a question about talking to parents about retirement (@26:12). 28:58—THE TAKEAWAY: OVERCOMING YOUR LAST MISTAKE Every mistake has a lesson attached to it. You can overcome what’s keeping you from your retirement dreams:
 See the mistake. What could you do different? Understand the mistake. Why did it happen and what did it cost you? Own the mistake. Don’t blame outside factors or somebody else. Forgive yourself. Don’t hold it against yourself, but remember it to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Let it go . . . mostly! Put some dollar amount safeguards in place.   39:49—HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE Hogan reads and answers emails:
 A self-made millionaire wants you to know “this works!” (@40:07).
A woman gives feedback about Episode #16: Goals and Effort Must Be Aimed (@42:09).
A woman has questions about her R:IQ (@43:34).   45:30—RALLY CRY WRAP-UP A Million Strong (VIP Anthem)
Don’t forget about the custom music track we created for you. A preview debuted on the last podcast episode, but you can listen the entire song here:
soundcloud.com/a-million-strong-vip-anthem   46:51—CALL TO ACTION
 Go to chrishogan360.com to discover your R:IQ. While you’re on the website, click “Dream Team.” There, you can connect with a SmartVestor Pro for investing help and ELPs for insurance, tax services, and real estate assistance.

Email us your retirement dreams or wins, your halftime speeches, and your Retire Inspired poetry. Send them to podcast@chrishogan360.com. You can also write a review of the Retire Inspired Podcast on iTunes and subscribe to future episodes.

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