#10: Habits (with guest Rachel Cruze)

Chris Hogan kicks off the episode explaining how to calculate net worth. He also talks with guest Rachel Cruze about the importance of establishing good financial habits and talks about her new book, Love Your Life Not Theirs. Other features include the Hear from the People segment  and The Takeaway: Complaining produces victims, but the right habits produce victories. 0:34 – WELCOME   1:49 – HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR NET WORTH     12:35 – VIP ANNOUNCEMENTS The first winner is announced in the Retire Inspired Podcast Giveaway. You have three more chances to win $250. Go to chrishogan360.com/podcast. Subscribe to the podcast and type in your information. No purchase necessary.   13:42 – THE HOGAN SAVINGS CHALLENGE Next week is National Save for Retirement Week. In honor of that, Hogan has thrown down a social challenge. Pick one of the following challenge options: 1. R:IQ SNAPSHOT CHALLENGE Discover your R:IQ at chrishogan360.com and click Dream Team to connect with a SmartVestor Pro to talk about your number. 2. HOME RESTAURANT CHALLENGE Instead of going out to a restaurant, make a fun meal out of food already in your house. Dress the kids up as waiters and have them bring you the bill in a retirement envelope. 3. DRIVE BY, NOT DRIVE THRU CHALLENGE How much do you spend at Sonic or Starbucks every week? Save that money this week and drive by instead. 4. CUT THE CABLE CHALLENGE Cancel cable or streaming services for a month. You’ll be surprised how many channels you can get in HD with a cheap antenna. 5. TAKE A HIKE CHALLENGE Tell an expensive outing to take a hike! Instead, go for a walk or hike with your friends or family.   The challenge ends when you take a fun social pic of your action and post it to Facebook or Instagram with these tags:  #NS4RW @chrishogan360.   18:25 – GUEST CONVERSATION WITH RACHEL CRUZE Chris and Rachel discuss financial habits and her new book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs. It’s now available at RachelCruze.com.   39:22 – THE TAKEAWAY What new habits are you willing to establish so you can take your retirement planning to the next level? Hogan takes it up a notch and offers a three-point takeaway in this episode.   44:53 – HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE Hogan reads listener emails: A man and his wife get on the same page about their high-definition retirement dreams. A woman has a question about lender-paid private mortgage insurance (PMI).   50:22 – RALLY CRY WRAP-UP   51:31 – CALL TO ACTION Don’t forget to enter the Retire Inspired Podcast Giveaway! You could be one of four people to win $250. Go to chrishogan360.com/podcast. Subscribe to the podcast and enter your information. No purchase necessary. Go to chrishogan360.com to discover your R:IQ. While you’re there, click Dream Team to connect with SmartVestor Pros for investing help and Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) for real estate, insurance and tax services. Email us your retirement dreams and wins at podcast@chrishogan360.com. You can also write a review of the Retire Inspired Podcast on iTunes and subscribe to future episodes.  

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