#9: We Are What We Do

Chris Hogan talks about age versus maturity and recalls a time when five years of stupid cost him a lot of time and money. Other features include the Hear from the People segment (answers to email) and Hogan’s 3-Point Takeaway on plugging in to power sources. 0:29 – WELCOME   1:47 – AGE VS. MATURITY     15:34 – TIP OF THE DAY Check out our free digital tool, The Home Sellers Guide. Text HOMEFORSALE to 44222 to receive this PDF.   16:36 – VIP ANNOUNCEMENTS Enter the Retire Inspired Podcast Giveaway: You have four chances to win $250. Go to chrishogan360.com/podcast. Subscribe to the podcast and type in your information. No purchase necessary. Professor Hogan wants to debunk retirement jargon! Send your big, crazy, confusing financial words to podcast@chrishogan360.com, and use the subject line PROFESSOR HOGAN. Listen to future episodes as Hogan turns financial jargon into easy-to-understand terms! Hogan also wants you to email your retirement dreams and retirement wins for him to read on the podcast.   18:52 – 5 YEARS OF STUPID Chris rants about a time in his life when a car and some bad money decisions cost him a lot of time and money. Listen to the difference between borrowing and investing a large amount of money.   25:01 – 3-POINT TAKEAWAY Jump-starting anything requires plugging in to a charged-up power source.   32:00 – HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE Hogan reads listener emails: After finding his R:IQ, a man thinks Hogan should add a fourth response when people discover their number. A woman wants to know if it’s okay to contribute 6% toward retirement while still getting out of debt. A woman asks about retirement advice for people in their 60s.   40:41 – RALLY CRY WRAP-UP   41:45 – CALL TO ACTION Don’t forget to enter the Retire Inspired Podcast Giveaway! You could be one of four people to win $250. Go to com/podcast. Subscribe to the podcast and enter your information. No purchase necessary. Need help from an investing professional? Check out SmartVestor pros. Go to chrishogan360.com and click Dream Team. There you can find people who can help not only with investing but also real estate, insurance and tax services. Write a review on the Retire Inspired Podcast on iTunes and subscribe to future episodes.

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