What to Invest in: Diversification #7

Chris Hogan talks about the importance of having a personalized battle cry for your retirement dreams and offers some diversification education. As always, he shares a three-point takeaway, answers listener emails, and even delivers some Coach Hogan halftime speeches. 0:37 – WELCOME   1:50 – DIVERSIFICATION EDUCATION   12:07 – TIP OF THE DAY Check out the free digital tool 3 Vital Questions Your Advisor Must Answer. Text the word ADVISOR to 44222 to receive this PDF.   13:10 – LISTEN UP VIPs Help us with a short survey. Go to chrishogan360.com/survey by September 28 and fill out the survey, and you’ll have a chance to win a $100 Target gift card.   14:02 – RETIREMENT DREAMS / BIG POP STORY Send in your retirement dreams and retirement wins to podcast@chrishogan360.com. Please specify in the subject line either RETIREMENT DREAMS or RETIREMENT WINS.   21:46 – COACH HOGAN HALFTIME SPEECHES Chris reads personalized halftime speeches written by and sent in from listeners (whistle and locker room provided).   26:00 – THE TAKEAWAY “Dreams are personal and authentic. Don’t settle. Build!”   36:42 – HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE Chris answers emails from listeners: Terry, a 13-year-old, wants investing advice An R:IQ question Advice on penny stocks   45:23 – BATTLE CRY CHALLENGE   47:06 – CALL TO ACTION Help us with our short survey. Go to chrishogan360.com/survey by September 28. Send your RETIREMENT DREAMS and RETIREMENT WINS to podcast@chrishogan360.com. Hogan’s upcoming Retire Inspired event dates and locations (like Atlanta, GA, on October 29) are listed on Chris’ website: chrishogan360.com. Need investing help? Click Dream Team on Chris’ website to connect with a SmartVestor Pro. Don’t just download a single episode; activate your retirement dreams by subscribing to the podcast. You’ll receive new episodes the moment they release. New podcast episodes are available every other week.

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