Episode 42: Jim Bathurst

On this episode of All About Fitness I reach out to another connection from my DC days and talk about bodyweight strength training and how to make fitness more inclusive with an old friend: Jim Bathurst, currently the Master of the Training Universe for Nerdfitness.com His name is Bathurst, Jim Bathurst Jim and I met a number of years ago when we both were doing some work with Balance Gym (one of my favorite places to sweat - EVER). He always impressed me with his positive attitude, approachable demeanor and he could do some KILLER bodyweight exercises that are a true testament of strength. Over the years it's been fun to watch Jim evolve into a leader in the industry where he is now playing an important role for an important website working to make fitness more inclusive for people who might not normally be considered exercise junkies. Nerd Fitness.com is working to gamify fitness to make it more accessible for people who might prefer interfacing via computer as opposed to real life. Our discussion today talks about tips for bodyweight strength training and how we can make fitness more inclusive for everyone, especially those considered nerds (in the interest of full disclosure I consider myself a nerd of exercise science).  Follow Jim: www.beastskills.com contact info: Jim@NerdFitness.com Instagram: @Beastskills   Jim is well known for his physical strength including 1 arm pull-ups and 1 arm handstands #impressive  Please visit the sponsors of All About Fitness: Terra Core by Vicore Fitness - Better products for better results! Use code AAF to save on the order of a Terra Core. ActivMotion Bar: The first weighted bar with a shifting mass - let the resistance move YOU! My e-mail address is: pete@petemccallfitness.com Twitter: @PeteMc_fitness Instagram: @PeteMcCall_fitness Youtube: All About Fitness Podcast (product reviews coming soon!)         

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