Bonus Episode: Racially Conscious Wallah Bro (w/ Khaled Beydoun)May 16, 2018 Listen
E48: Food Stories That Don't Pay the Bills (w/Francis Lam)May 09, 2018 Listen
Bonus Episode: The Cure for Yellow Fever (w/ Dakota Kim)May 02, 2018 Listen
E47: Bird’s Nest (w/ Liana Aghajanian)Apr 25, 2018 Listen
E46: Kitchen Spanish (w/ Emily Hunsberger)Apr 11, 2018 Listen
E45: Becoming an American Writer (w/ Alexander Chee)Mar 28, 2018 Listen
E44: Hell in a Bread Basket (w/ Samin Nosrat)Mar 14, 2018 Listen
E43: Eat Pickles Get Ripped (w/ Carmen Maria Machado) Feb 28, 2018 Listen
Bonus Episode: Ohio Against the World (with Hanif Abdurraqib)Jan 05, 2018 Listen
E42: Break TimeDec 16, 2017 Listen
E41: Only White Men Get to Be Geniuses (w/ Jen Agg)Dec 06, 2017 Listen
E40: The Pav to Success (w/ Preeti Mistry)Nov 29, 2017 Listen
EP39: Namaste Motherfucker (with Mitali Desai and Naben Ruthnum)Nov 15, 2017 Listen
EP38: Ice Cream vs Anti-Semitism (w/ Jared Goodman)Nov 01, 2017 Listen
Bonus Episode: F**k the PatriarchyOct 25, 2017 Listen
EP37: Minnesota Nice (w/ Amalia Nicholson, Aubry, and Kale Walch) Oct 19, 2017 Listen
EP36: Eating Big Macs in Qatar (with Omar El Akkad)Oct 04, 2017 Listen
EP35: Puchica in the Midwest (w/ Victor Interiano & Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik)Sep 20, 2017 Listen
Bonus Episode: Waking Up From The Dream; A Post DACA ConversationSep 10, 2017 Listen
E34: Queering and Melanating the Comic World (w/ Taneka Stotts)Aug 31, 2017 Listen
E33: Southern Food and the Table of Brotherhood (w/ John T. Edge and Amanda Yee)Aug 11, 2017 Listen
E32: Because I Don't have Papers (w/ Armando Ibañez)Jul 27, 2017 Listen
E31: Lose Hate, Not Weight (w/ Virgie Tovar)Jul 12, 2017 Listen
Bonus Episode: Pride monthJul 01, 2017 Listen
Episode 30: Squid and Prejudice (w/ Viet Thanh Nguyen)Jun 21, 2017 Listen
Bonus Episode: The Pushback against White Supremacy in PortlandJun 11, 2017 Listen
E29: Anh Luu Gives You WingsMay 31, 2017 Listen
E28: The Cacahuate Diaries (w/Daniela Perez and Soleil Ho)May 18, 2017 Listen
"Bonus Mother's Day Episode: Zahir interviews his Mom."May 14, 2017 Listen
E27: Planting Seeds Among Concrete (w/ Wanda Stewart) May 03, 2017 Listen
E26: Coffee Level Over 9000 (w/ Nick Cho)Apr 19, 2017 Listen
E25: Do What You Wanna (w/ Ruby Tandoh)Apr 06, 2017 Listen
E24: Stop Asking Me About Kabobs (w/ Persian cookbook author Yasmin Khan)Mar 21, 2017 Listen
E23: Combating Hunger with Hawaiian Musubi (w/ Darrell Yuen)Mar 08, 2017 Listen
Bonus Episode: (Not) Feeding the Trolls (w/ Celeste Noche)Mar 07, 2017 Listen
E22: Traveling Better With Bani AmorFeb 23, 2017 Listen
E21: New Look, Same Great Taste (w/ Alan Montecillo & Juan Ramirez)Feb 09, 2017 Listen
E20: Talking in New Orleans in the Age of Trump (w/ Maurice Ruffin)Jan 25, 2017 Listen
E19: Soleil's First Restaurant JobJan 12, 2017 Listen
E18: Fries Before Guys (w/ Randa Jarrar)Dec 29, 2016 Listen
E17: Hari Kondabolu Eats BeefDec 15, 2016 Listen
E16: And You Tried to Change, Didn't You? (w/ Salimatu Amabebe)Dec 01, 2016 Listen
Why This Show MattersNov 24, 2016 Listen
E15: The Stories We Tell (w/ Isaac Fitzgerald)Nov 17, 2016 Listen
We Just Need A MinuteNov 10, 2016 Listen
E14: What's So Political About Food Photography? (w/ Celeste Noche)Nov 02, 2016 Listen
E13: Food Tech Goes Home (w/ Charley Wang)Oct 19, 2016 Listen
E12: It's Time For Solutions (w/ Nicole Taylor)Oct 05, 2016 Listen
E11: Pho is the New Pho (w/ Jenny Yang)Sep 21, 2016 Listen
E10: Mexican Food Is Already Elevated (w/ Abel Hernandez and Jaime Soltero)Sep 08, 2016 Listen
E9: The New Culinary Workforce (w/ Jamaal Green, Greg Schrock, & The Portland Kitchen)Aug 25, 2016 Listen
E8: Writing About Race, Family, & Food (with Amy Lam)Aug 10, 2016 Listen
BONUS: Your Stories About Filipino FoodJul 28, 2016 Listen
E7: History on a Plate: The State of Filipino Cuisine (w/ Sarahlynn Pablo & Natalia Roxas)Jul 28, 2016 Listen
E6: "It's Double Trouble": On Being a Vegan of Color (with Emiko Badillo)Jul 13, 2016 Listen
E5: Food & Femininity (with Dr. Kate Cairns)Jun 29, 2016 Listen
E4: Sneakers & Coffee (with Ian Williams of Deadstock Cafe & Gallery)Jun 15, 2016 Listen
E3: Pop-ups, Dudebros, and Indian-Mexican Fusion (with Kusuma Rao)Jun 01, 2016 Listen
E2: Bringing Korean Food To The Masses (with Han Ly Hwang)May 18, 2016 Listen
E1: I Make Wine Because I'm A Hustler (with Bertony Faustin)May 04, 2016 Listen