S2E10: Why Male Bosses Don't Get It

You #LeanIn. You #AskForMore. You #SideHustle. Yet you still feel like an imposter, even though you're pretty sure you know more than your male boss. How do you survive being manterrupted, passed over, and side-eyed at work when even Senator Kamala Harris and Arianna Huffington have to put up with it at the office? Elisa talks to “Feminist Fight Club” author and New York Times journalist, Jessica Bennett about how to combat subtle sexism and why being a bitch is A-OK. Director and Head of Product at Wirecutter (and feminist husband) David Bloom provides a male boss' perspective. Bennett's book is now out in paperback.
This is our last episode of the season. *crying emoji* We’d love to come back for a season 3! What are your Strong Opinions? Let me know! Instagram: @popculturepirateTwitter: @popcultpirateHashtag: #SOLHpod #StrongOpinionsLooselyHeld

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