315: Leading with Speed with Alan Willett

Alan Willett shows how to lead with speed by measuring and tracking yourself, working smarter rather than longer, and having purpose. All the things that are need to stay competitive.   You'll Learn: How to work faster and smarter rather than longer Approaches to accelerate the decision making progress Why and how to let people “add an egg”   About Alan: Alan Willett is of the rare species who is an expert international consultant, speaker, and author. He has worked with companies ranging from 1 person to some of the giants such as Microsoft and NASA. Alan says that his passion is helping people and organizations transform their friction points into profit points. Alan defines a friction point as “the space where the business needs and the implementation reality collides.” There is always heat generated! Alan is the expert who transforms organizational friction points to produce positive results for the business and the people.   View transcript, show notes, and links at http://AwesomeAtYourJob.com/ep315

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