056: Conquering Procrastination with Rita Emmett

Recovering procrastinator and professional speaker Rita Emmett lays out a handy framework for overcoming procrastination in the heat of the moment. You’ll learn: How to tackle the fears that breed procrastination Approaches to turn procrastination into prioritization The 5-step STING method to overcoming procrastination About Rita
Rita Emmett was once The World's Greatest Procrastinator. Then she converted and is now a "Recovering Procrastinator". She is also a professional speaker, and author of: The Procrastinator’s Handbook, The Clutter-Busting Handbook, and Manage Your Time To Reduce Your Stress. The books have sold over 300K copies in 42 countries, garnering Rita hundreds of media appearances, including Katie Couric. Rita’s customized presentations cover Procrastination, Clutter, Customer Loyalty, Burn-out, and Communication Skills have helped hundreds of organizations improve their performance, productivity and profitability, and head off burnout before it starts. Her clients include AT&T, Kraft Food, Mercedes Benz, Met Life, and The National Kidney Foundation. She emails a free monthly “ANTICRASTINATION Tip Sheet” available at www.RitaEmmett.com with tips and ideas to help people blast away the procrastination habit.

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