S2, E22 The Chelsea Bombing: One Year Later with Chief Joseph D. LiselliSep 22, 2017 Listen
S2, E21 The Right Tools for the Job w FDNY Lieutenant Yonatan KleinAug 31, 2017 Listen
S2, E20 Maximizing Resources During MCIs w FDNY Captain Charles FraserJul 10, 2017 Listen
S2, E19 Air-Supported Structures w FDNY Lieutenant Stephen Rhine DiscussesJun 15, 2017 Listen
S2, E18 Peer Support Groups w FDNY Captain Frank LetoMay 26, 2017 Listen
S2, E17 Terrorism and Intelligence w FDNY Captain Chris WardApr 28, 2017 Listen
S2, E16 Recognizing Heart Disease w FDNY Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kerry Kelly and FDNY Attending Cardiologist Doctor Dianne AcunaMar 06, 2017 Listen
S2, E15 “EMS Anthem” w FDNY Lieutenant Farooq MuhammadFeb 28, 2017 Listen
S2, E14 Mental Toughness on the Battlefield and the Fireground w FDNY Firefighter and US Marine Corps Major Jason BrezlerJan 12, 2017 Listen
S1, E13: Saved by the Department He Served w FDNY Firefighter Kenny Ruane (Retired)Dec 13, 2016 Listen
S1, E12: Complex Firefighting Ops at a U-Shaped Multiple Dwelling w FDNY Deputy Chief Jay Jonas and FDNY Battalion Chief Brian MulryNov 17, 2016 Listen
S1, E11 Firefighter Assist and Search Teams w FDNY Firefighter Anthony Caterino and FDNY Deputy Chief Jay JonasNov 17, 2016 Listen
S1, E10 23rd Street Fire and its Lasting Impacts w FDNY Chief of Safety Allen Hay (Retired)Oct 17, 2016 Listen
S1, E9 23rd Street Fire Ops w FDNY Assistant Chief Edward Butler (Retired) and FDNY Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn (Retired)Oct 17, 2016 Listen
S1, E8 Medical Oversight During 9/11 Response, Rescue and Recovery Effort w Chief Medical Director Doctor Glenn AsaedaOct 03, 2016 Listen
S1, E7 EMS Ops Before, During and After the Collapse of the WTC w FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Janice OlszewskiOct 03, 2016 Listen
S1, E6 Marine Ops and Emerging Threats w FDNY Battalion Chief Joseph AbbamonteSep 23, 2016 Listen
S1, E5 Why You May Not Be Hearing Important Info on the Fireground w FDNY Lieutenant Robert BrownSep 23, 2016 Listen
S1, E4 Safe Vehicle Operations w FDNY Lieutenant Joseph YollesJul 29, 2016 Listen
S1, E3 Acting While Off-Duty w FDNY EMTs Shaun Alexander and Khadijah HallJul 27, 2016 Listen