Design for Good {Patrice Martin}

Design is powerful magic – It can help solve some of the world’s most urgent, critical problems. Patrice Martin is co-founder of, an organization that works to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities through design. Patrice shares about her past struggles to be taken seriously as a petite woman, what she’s observed as a difference in creative confidence between men and women, and some of the incredible projects her team is focused on. Her conversation with Majo is living proof that design, when done well, can change the world. Show Notes: -Patrice shares a funny childhood story about persistence that anticipated one of her strongest personality traits as an adult. [5:05] -High school years: Finding her identity in art. [7:36] -Thinking of technology as a medium to create experiences, plus other formative experiences during college. [10:56] -Patrice’s experience at IDEO – applying a design lens to complicated questions and issues. [17:55] -Her transition to, the organization she co-founded that focuses on social impact and poverty. [21:46] -What she’s learned as a leader, how to set up an environment where people thrive, and her spot-on insights on the difference in creative confidence between men and women. [26:30] -Designing for good: Some of the exciting projects Patrice and her team are focused on. [34:01] -On the importance of being part of a community of mothers who are figuring out the work-life balance together. [43:35] -Patrice’s final words of wisdom and advice. [52:47] References: Episode Sponsors: Adobe Creative Residency – InVision – Music by Lucia Lilikoi –

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