Discipline & Faith {Alana Nichols}

This interview had our host in tears. In today’s episode, Majo speaks with Paralympic Gold Medalist Alana Nichols. Playing sports was like a safe haven for Alana, whose family life wasn’t always ideal. But at 17, she broke her back in a snowboarding accident that left her unable to walk again. As a lifelong athlete, this was devastating. Alana grappled with denial, depression, and isolation in college, until a magical moment turned everything around. Her story is about the power of practice, discipline, grit, and faith. And she shares powerful insights on gratitude – seeing what we have instead of what we don’t have. Show Notes: -Growing up as a confident, active tomboy who found her identity in sports at a young age. [4:13] -On always being a risk-taker and her dreams of playing Olympic Softball. [8:46] -Coming into her identity as a young teen, dealing with social pressures, and missing the presence of a mother who wasn’t able to be there for her. [13:48] -Playing sports in high school, being approached by colleges offering scholarships, and the accident that brought everything to a halt. [17:04] -Reflecting on that critical moment in her journey when everything changed, and her initial denial of it all. [22:18] -The hard transition Alana faced upon returning home after rehab. [30:05] -How taking a chance shortcut led to Alana’s magical moment when she was at her lowest point. [35:25] -Mourning her loss with grace, moving forward, and developing a new dream. [38:47] -Alana’s journey to the Paralympics and beyond, her insights on risk-taking, and final words of wisdom. [45:23] References: http://www.alanajanenichols.com/ Episode Sponsors: InVision – https://www.invisionapp.com/company Adobe Creative Residency – http://adobe.com/go/creativeresidency Music by Lucia Lilikoi – lucia.bandcamp.com

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