Designing Rituals (5/6)

Rituals are growing, evolving things with their own stubborn intelligence. That’s why the same exact rituals are hard to sustain over time. Since we are constantly changing with the months, seasons, and our environments, it makes sense to allow our rituals to organically change along with us. This approach is not only more realistic, forgiving, and practical, but it honors our naturally changing feminine energy. Majo described in Part 4 how to design your morning and evening rituals after identifying actions that aligned with your deeper desires. Now it’s time to anticipate and even welcome change. In this flash wisdom episode, Majo shares three principles that will help you add flexibility and fluidity to your rituals in a way that honors your body’s natural rhythms. Show Notes: -Check out and pre-order the new ebook: The Magical Effects of Morning and Evening Rituals. Get it through our Indiegogo campaign at – You’ll be investing in your own self-care while supporting women’s voices. -Music by Lucia Lilikoi at References: -You can read through the steps & resources outlined in this episode at, How to Evolve Your Rituals.

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