Fight for Authenticity {Nancy Douyon}

Many of our guests have had their fair share of obstacles they’ve had to overcome, but Nancy Douyon is on a whole other level. A user experience researcher at Google, Nancy found her way to happiness and stability only after bridging a new and bewildering culture, bouncing around foster homes and living on the streets, and coming to terms with her broken childhood. You won’t believe the magical, serendipitous encounter with the MIT Media Lab that changed (and potentially saved) her life, revealing an aptitude for computers and design at a young age. Another big theme from her interview is the struggle she faced with her mom and how she was able to heal that relationship – a true hallmark of the heroine’s journey. Nancy is real, resourceful, and she has an incredible story to share. Show Notes: -An inquisitive daughter of immigrants: Nancy’s early years in Boston surrounded by her Haitian culture. [4:33] -Feeling confused, behind, and like an outsider as she tried to bridge American culture, plus the remarkable outcome of running away. [10:35] -How she got connected to Computer Clubhouse, an MIT program where she learned to produce music, code, use photoshop, build robots, and lead her peers. [16:28] -The lowest point: Bouncing around between being homeless and different foster homes. [19:02] -The role of art and design as her only respite during a phase of anger and loneliness. [24:32] -How she chose to get revenge on the foster care system, and her struggle to afford college. [28:24] -Finding her passion, acknowledging her skills (despite stereotypes), and taking first steps to healing the relationship with her mother. [34:44] -Moving forward and making amends, plus her decision to “show love through technology”. [42:49] -How the earthquake in Haiti affected Nancy and her family, and the growth she experienced as a result. [45:33] -“Fight to be authentic” and other advice from Nancy for women on their own journeys. [48:23] References: Tech Social Impact Conference - *Nancy has been working on multiple support efforts in Haiti - visit her relief outreach page at: Music by Lucia Lilikoi - Episode Sponsors: UENO - InVision -

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