Designing Rituals (2/6)

Here’s the truth nobody ever told you: rituals are really hard to hold down. A lot of people like to pretend it’s a snap to set rituals into place. When we hear about the daily do’s of others (especially successful people of today) it can be inspiring, but it can also make you feel kind of shitty if you’re struggling to nail down your own. We all make mistakes in how we approach and think about rituals— from the time we set them to how we relate to them after we “fail.” In this flash wisdom episode (part 2 in the Designing Rituals series), our host Majo proposes a key shift in our orientation and relationship to rituals with a feminine approach that honors all that is fluid and cyclical, and in way that promotes self-compassion. -Check out and pre-order the new ebook: The Magical Effects of Morning and Evening Rituals (available at Use code “heroine” to get a special rate through Nov. 1! -Music by Lucia Lilikoi at References: -The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna -Gretchen Rubin’s quiz: The Four Tendencies

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