Designing Rituals (1/6)

Now that we’ve finished the Creative Confidence series, we’re launching a new flash wisdom series called The Magical Effects of Morning and Evening Rituals. In this first episode, our host makes the case for why you must fiercely protect your daily rituals as a creative woman. So why is it even important to have daily rituals? Think for a minute of all the stimulation we have at our fingertips day to day: our laptops, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, the list goes on and on. Engaging in these great tools and platforms hour upon hour makes our brains tired in this sneaky, unnoticeable way. Establishing a daily ritual is a beautiful, joyful way to remain rooted, stay sane, and keep life magical. Join Majo (formerly Maria, she explains more about the name change in the episode) for the introduction to her six-part series on rituals, and learn four big reasons to fiercely protect at least 5 minutes of space and time for yourself every day. Also check out and pre-order her new ebook: The Magical Effects of Morning and Evening Rituals (available at Use the code “heroine” to get a special rate. Show Notes: -Check out and pre-order Majo's ebook at -Music by Lucia Lilikoi at

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