Vision Quest {Majo Molfino}

We’re taking a little break from the blocks to creative confidence series to honor an important one-year anniversary. In this episode, host Majo Molfino shares her recent interview with SOULS of Society creator Dijon Bowden, in which she opens up for the first time about her three-day vision quest in the desert that she embarked upon one year ago today. Get to know Heroine’s founder and host through her own journey, one that challenged her on every level, as well as the immense preparation it required and the heart-opening moments that made it all worth it. Brace yourselves, this one’s intense. Show Notes: -Episode intro: Honoring an important one-year anniversary in the life of Heroine's host, Majo Molfino. [0:00] -On writing her novel and how it inspired her to go on a vision quest. [2:35] -The tradition of vision quests, and the discipline and preparation required. [9:10] -Some of the major insights Majo gained. [14:20] -What it was like being on a mountain in the desert with no food or water. [17:35] -On working with a Medicine Woman to prepare, and the predominant emotions she felt during the quest. [21:13] -Coming down the mountain: Meaningful metaphors around water (and being thirsty!), and not being recognized by her parents. [25:41] -How the experience sowed many seeds that will continue to sprout for a long time, plus Majo pre- and post- vision quest. [34:41] -Majo shares some immediate life changes following the event, as well as a few poems she wrote about her experience. [41:20] References: SOULS of Society at Music: Lucia Lilikoi at

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