Courage & Hustle {Sofya Polyakov}

CEO & co-founder of The Noun Project, Sofya Polyakov inspires us through her heroine's journey, which includes immigrating to the U.S. from Russia, working insane hours, holding meetings out of her car, and having the courage to embrace the unknown by starting a company for the first time. She also shares her perspectives on key issues that commonly block us from reaching our full potential as creative leaders. Show Notes: - Growing up stubborn and independent in communist St. Petersburg. [10:00] - Sofya’s teenage years, immigrating to the U.S., and the importance of being adaptable. [14:57] - On staying motivated, searching out people who challenge you, and the inspiration behind The Noun Project. [19:07] - How Sofya had the courage to launch a startup without a lot of experience and her perspective on what leadership really is. [23:19] - Challenges getting started on The Noun Project. [28:40] - The big turning point: How Sofya rose to the challenge and played every card she had when it was all on the line. [35:40] - On perfectionism, the fear of failure, and the qualities that allow you to give your all when you’re ready to give up. [40:50] - The trap of comparison: Feeling intimidated but putting yourself out there anyway. [46:26] - Sofya’s views on balancing business and being a mom, and the type of CEO she strives to be. [52:04] - How she has built a culture of trust within her team, and the two qualities she considers most valuable in new employees. [57:04] References: - Sponsor: -

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